A two lane carriageway Ntungwe Bridge along on Katunguru-Ishasha road well completed by Armpass and FETL

The collapse of Ntungwe Bridge on April 15 2012 leading to the closure of Katunguru- Ishasha road, a primary link through the Queen Elizabeth national park had a major impact on tourist inflow to Uganda’s choice tourism destinations between Kazinga channel and the gorilla tracking in Bwindi impenetrable forest.

Armpass Technical Services Limited in a joint venture with FETL took part in the bidding exercise for the replacement of the collapsed bridge and subsequently was awarded a design and build contract to replace the collapsed Ntungwe bridge with a permanent 100yr life span full load capacity bridge.

Armpass completes and hands over the Mitaano bridge on Rukungiri-KIhihi roadMitaano bridge on Rukungiri-KIhihi road had been the only navigable route to Kanungu district and its commercial town of Kihihi, it had also been a link to the Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi impenetrable national parks, the major tourist attractions in the region. However, due to the impact of heavily loaded trailers en-route to The Democratic Republic of Congo, the bridge was brought down on the 13th May 2012 consequently leading to hiked transportation fares across the region, longer time spent travelling due to alternative routes being difficult to navigate, and a general slump in tourism within the region.

Bridge construction at Nyacara and Pakwala in Nebbi

In May/2015 the Uganda National Roads Authority officials led by their Executive Director Mrs Allen Catherine Kagina visited our near-completion bridges at Nyacara and Pakwala in Nebbi. They were happy with the progress of the project and deadline coverage.